PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Do you ever have trouble falling asleep at night? A lot of people do; and because of that, there are more and more sleep aid products on the market.

There are different types of pills, but it’s a new sleep aiding drink that’s gaining attention.

You know the feeling, you get in bed feeling exhausted but just can’t seem to drift off.

“Sleep is a big issue,” says Dr. Daniel Shade, of the Allegheny General Hospital Sleep Disorder Center. “We spend a third of our life sleeping, and if you have a problem with that – whether it’s too much or not enough – you are going to seek help or try to self-medicate.”

One of those self-medications is Dream Water. It a product that is growing in popularity and has been featured in magazines like InStyle and Lifestyle.

According to the Dream Water website, the zero-calorie shot helps you unwind, fall asleep fast and stay asleep using Gaba – which helps you relax and reduces anxiety, Melatonin – which helps induce sleep and 5-HTP – which helps stimulate the production of melatonin.

But does it really work?

Scott and Amy Warner, of Ross Township, agreed to give it a try. Amy says she travels for work and often catches early morning flights.

“I like wake up every hour, thinking is it time to get up yet,” Amy says. “I don’t want to miss the flight, worry about the day, how the day is going to go, is the flight going to be on time so I make it in time for my meeting I have scheduled.”

The Warners both took Dream Water three nights in a week about 30 minutes before bedtime as directed.

“I did feel that it did relax me, and I did fall asleep quicker, but I still woke up through the night and I was hoping it would keep me asleep all night,” said Amy.

“The third time I took the product, I felt a calming effect, but I did not sleep soundly throughout the night,” Scott added.

Neither felt groggy in the morning; and although Scott wouldn’t recommend it, Amy says she would buy it.

But Dr. Shade warns that while the three key ingredients are safe and all-natural, the product is not regulated by the FDA and there’s really no way to know how much of the ingredients are in the 2.5 fluid ounces.

“One person may take this again for a plane ride and be groggy when they get off the plane,” Dr. Shade says. “Someone else might not feel sleepy at all with it. It’s hard to tell because it hasn’t been studied in a huge population.”

You can find Dream Water in stores like CVS and Walgreens. It costs around $3 a bottle.

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