PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The recent marriage of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg prompted lots of talk of pre-nuptial agreements.

Turns out the Zuckerbergs may have started something new and different — a relationship agreement.

It’s not about money — but getting along.

When 28-year-old billionaire Zuckerberg enticed Priscilla Chan, his now wife, to move in with him four years ago, she allegedly required Zuckerberg to sign something called a relationship agreement.

“I think with their situation it makes sense because otherwise they would never be together,” notes Shannon Fife of Upper St. Clair

Chan insisted that Zuckerberg take her out on a date night once a week, guarantee alone time and other unspecified things — but is this necessary?

“You shouldn’t have to write nothing down on paper. That sounds like two grade school kids,” says Greg Dennison of Bloomfield.

“I think it sounds a little odd if you need to tell somebody what to do,” adds Matt Silvis of Bethel Park.

But if you had such an agreement, what would be in it?

“That each couple would have designated TV time,” says Debbie Frick-Watts of Oakmont.

“A back rub once a week, a foot massage, or as they did, alone time, time together,” says Dick McMillan of Upper St. Clair.

“How much communication you want to have with that person, time you want to spend with that person,” adds Katie Tokarski of Shadyside.

“Maybe a poker night and build in some golf-time as well,” says Lonnie Petrill of Lawrenceville.

Suppose you and your spouse have one of these written relationship agreements, spelling out all sorts of interesting things. Is it really enforceable — under law — in Pennsylvania?

Not really, says attorney Ken Horoho.

“Courts typically do not want to wade into those kinds of issues because it’s just too personal,” notes Horoho.

Which many husbands say brings you back to the best agreement of all, expressed best by Paul Hudson of Canonsburg.

“Well, we actually have a relationship agreement. I just agree to do whatever it is in our relationship that my wife wants us to do.”

That may be the safest agreement, but attorneys say they’ve seen others, including one agreement specifying who takes out the garbage, where to buy gasoline, how many times a week you have sex and even if the in-laws can stay with you.

But bottom line is you can write these agreements — just don’t look to the courts to enforce them.

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