PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Two years ago, a high-speed chase through two counties ended when the suspect rammed a police car.

The accused, Sean Wright, would later be sentenced to 50 to 100 years in prison, but the road to recovery is long and painful for detective Brian Johnson, whose right hip and leg were injured in the crash.

But he received a pleasant surprise Monday morning at Mount Ararat Community Center in East Liberty. The quilters of Mount Ararat Quilt Club, led by the detective’s mother, presented him with a colorful patchwork quilt. It was sewn by 15 pairs of hands.

“I love the fact that everyone signed it too,” Johnson said. “And there’s a dedication panel, too, so it’s definitely become an instant family heirloom.”

His mother, Kay Johnson, admits it’s not easy hiding something this large from a trained detective.

“He drops by the house all the time, and I’m forever quilting,” she said. “So I had to hide the quilt every time he came, you know, I didn’t want him to see it until it was totally completed.”

It was a happy moment for an officer who continues rehab three days a week. Amid threads of brown and gold, Detective Johnson sees a silver lining.

“After two years, I’m finally able to drive a car again. My car’s been outfitted so that I can drive with my left foot. I have a lot of pain in my right hip and a lot of general weakness. But, I’m getting there. Slowly and surely, I’m getting there. I can’t complain.”

He hopes to once again wear the uniform and resume the only job he ever wanted.

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