SOUTH MAHONING TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — There are disturbing new details about the death of a woman and her two children – allegedly at the hands of her husband.

“This is truly an unconscionable type of crime, one with circumstances so profound and tragic that it is absolutely heartbreaking,” State Trooper John Matchik said.

State police say 40-year-old Lewis Beatty is responsible for the death of his wife, 32-year-old Christine Beatty, as well as his daughters – 11-year-old Amanda Beatty and 6-year-old Sara Beatty.

“Mr. Beatty proceeded to cut Sara’s throat with a hunting knife while she was in the lower bunk bed of her bedroom,” he said.

Troopers say Beatty then waited for Amanda to come home. In the interim, he shot and killed a pony, goat and the family dog.

Authorities say Amanda came home and Beatty killed her the same way as Sara in the living room.

“I know the folks that were at the scene, whether it was law enforcement or first responders, I know we were all pretty shaken Friday night,” Indiana County District Attorney Pat Dougherty said.

Police say Beatty then left his home and headed towards Plumville, stopping at a convenience store to buy a pop. He then visited his bank where he tried to add his mother’s name onto one of his accounts.

He then went to his wife’s workplace to make sure that she left and then traveled to her house to have a verbal exchange with her.

“When she attempted to leave, he brutally attacked her by strangulation and once she became unconscious, Mr. Beatty proceeded at that time to cut her throat,” Matchik said.

He then set her house on fire before returning to his home and setting it on fire.

Beatty’s neighbor called 911 when he saw the fire and helped Beatty escape.

Beatty is now in the Indiana County Jail on three counts of criminal homicide.

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