PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The man who set off a nationwide manhunt after allegedly killing his co-worker and stealing millions of dollars will stand trial.

Ken Konias had been on the run for nearly three months and went before a judge Friday to face charges of criminal homicide, theft and robbery.

According to an FBi agent on the stand, Konias told him that he didn’t always get along with Michael Haines, who was shot and killed in the incident.

It appears from his statement that Konias did not stay in the Pittsburgh area long after the alleged crime.

Konias’ parents attended the hearing, but did not speak with reporters.

According to the FBI, Konias said there was a violent confrontation in the armored car after Haines threw a money scanner at Konias and hit him in the head.

Konias then shot Haines and stole $2.3 million dollars.

Before heading to Florida, he left $50,000 at his grandmother’s grave, $100,000 to $200,000 at his parent’s house and $10,000 for a friend on their porch in their work boots.

Once he arrived in Florida, he befriended a cab driver in the Miami area who promised to get him out of the country. The cab driver got $700,000 to $800,000 from Konias.

A prostitute stole $92,000 and he hid $1 million in a storage locker.

“I think for the first time we’ve gotten to hear what Mr. Konias told the FBI and so as part of this case, we’re going to try to work with the District Attorney’s Office. I’ll be entitled to take a look at all the evidence in the case and then we’ll start to take a look at how the case should proceed after we get all of the evidence, all of the forensic evidence and all of the physical evidence in our possession,” defense attorney Charles LoPresti said.

A prosecution witness testified that physical evidence inside the armored car is not consistent with Konias’ claim about a violent confrontation.

The prosecution has until July to decide if they will seek the death penalty.


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