PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Grandview Drive in State College hasn’t been the same since allegations of child sex abuse were made against Jerry Sandusky.

Children live in two houses on the street. Coincidentally, those houses sit on either side of Sandusky’s home.

Since the scandal broke, both of those neighbors have posted signs in their front yard, supporting victims of child sexual abuse.

The signs are for RAINN, a national network supporting victims of rape, abuse and incest.

A woman living in one of the houses says the Sanduskys were never neighborly, but she supported Dottie Sandusky after the charges were filed.

She says that all changed this week when she heard testimony from Victim No. 4 and got a better idea of just how much Dottie Sandusky may have known and when.

Dottie Sandusky has stood by her husband’s side throughout this ordeal. She has maintained his innocence the entire time.

Jerry Sandusky is in day three of his trial where he faces 52 counts of child sexual abuse. Eight of 10 children he’s charged with abusing are expected to testify against him.

The woman who spoke to KDKA’s Trina Orlando in Sandusky’s neighborhood says she has plenty more to say about the trial, but wants to wait until after a verdict is reached to say it publicly.

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