SOUTH SIDE (KDKA) – City leaders are starting to detect a trend in violence at some of the bars and nightclubs on the South Side.

They said something has to be done about the part of town that is best known for its bar scene.

Growing pains for the South Side are well documented from cars being stolen to cars being broken into and vandalism in residential neighborhoods.

However, it took an even uglier turn with some serious violence this weekend.

A man continues to recover after being shot in the back at District 3 Saturday morning.

Charles Anger, 24, was shot inside the establishment on East Carson Street and police are looking for three men who drove away from the scene.

City Councilman Bruce Kraus is vowing to shut the nightclub down.

District 3 is becoming known as a more dangerous place.

“Yes it’s very scary and I think it’s escalating. I think the problem’s escalating. And summertime makes it worse and we’re in June. So, we still have July and August still to come. I think it’s very concerning,” South Side Chamber of Commerce Vice President Kim Collins said.

The shooting the latest incident of violence and residents hear the commotion in the streets after last call.

“Yes I do I do wake up, but then I’m able to go back to sleep. But, that’s the way it is right now,” Connie Trbovich said.

Trbovich is a long time resident of the South Side Flats.

“I don’t think they realize how the noise does travel,” Trbovich said.

Police said the violence comes from drunken crowds milling about after last call. To break up the crowds, the police have taken to blasting their sirens.

“I think it will disperse them. It will make them listen more,” Trbovich said.

Collins said it’s not just the police who can help.

“I think there’s a solution, but I think it needs to be a managed solution,” Collins said. “I would say that most of the bar owners don’t live down here and they don’t care.”


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