INDIANA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Some neighbors in Indiana Township say their cars and houses are getting pummeled with paintballs, but the owner of the paintball complex isn’t convinced it’s possible.

Gwen Churilla is part of a group of neighbors who say they’re fed up with the paint splatters. She also says it’s loud and that she hears swearing coming from the complex.

But the owner of the Pittsburgh Paintball Sports Complex, Jim Brophy, isn’t convinced the paintballs are reaching people’s homes.

He says they’ve installed higher netting and an extra net.

Brophy also says they don’t even use pink paint in the balls, and the latest splotch of paint on Churilla’s home is pink.

He also points out that he’s instituted new rules on swearing and changed the operating hours of the complex.

In addition, Brophy says claims that the paintballs have reached Saxonburg Boulevard can’t be true. He says it would be impossible and suspects kids may have picked up paintballs and threw them on the road.

Indiana Towsnhip has sent out a warning letter in which it states that it will pursue legal action if the problems persist. According to the letter, there have been 12 police reports since March of paintballs hitting people’s properties.

Brophy says he will move to a new location after the complex closes for the season in November.

Indiana Township has sent out a letter.

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