PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Authorities are searching to two boys after an elderly woman was robbed while she was leaving church in Pittsburgh’s Sheraden section.

Police say when the 84-year-old woman left Mass at Holy Innocents Church and began walking towards her car, the two young boys asked her for a ride.

She said she would help them, but that’s when authorities say the boys robbed her after they got into her vehicle.

“Before she knew it, they’re reaching over, grabbing the purse,” said Pittsburgh Police Commander Scott Schubert. “She’s trying to grab the purse strap, and they yanked it, and off they went out of the car running on Brutus Way.”

The victim crashed her car after the suspects got out. She told police they were 10- and 12-years-old.

“It’s pretty disheartening,” said Commander Schubert. “That young and then have an elderly victim, female victim, and to take advantage of that.”

The woman was shaken-up, but not hurt seriously. She had some bruises on her hands and arms.

The two young suspects, identified as African-American males, were wearing a red shirt and a blue and white shirt. They have not been taken into custody.

“People know people, somebody knows who those young suspects are,” Commander Schubert added.

Police believe the boys may be a little older than the woman described.

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