PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There’s never a dull moment on the CBS talk show “The Talk,” and this week, KDKA-TV news anchor Susan Koeppen had a chance to chat with the ladies of the show.

On Tuesday, she served as a guest host.

It’s everything you might expect and more. A live audience, cameras, cue cards, makeup and a pep talk from the fabulous Sharon Osbourne.

Then, at exactly 11 a.m. on the West Coast, the co-hosts did the walk to start “The Talk.”

“Joining us today from our affiliate, KDKA in Pittsburgh, is Susan Koeppen,” said Sharon.

But Susan’s day started hours earlier with her very own private dressing room.

“My makeup stand with lights. We don’t know how to turn the lights on, so you can’t get the full effect,” said Susan. “Nice plate of food waiting for me when I arrived.”

Then, a test run on the set to see how she looks on camera, and lots of meetings to discuss the day’s topics and guests.

Susan was told to ask Cedric the Entertainer about trying out to be a news anchor. Here’s how it happened on live TV:

Susan: “Is it true you once tried out to be a news anchor?”

Cedric: “Yeah.”

Susan: “We could have been co-anchors… ‘Good evening.’”

Cedric: “Tonight on the 6 p.m. news.”

And never fear Pittsburgh, Susan came bearing black and gold gifts.

She gave each member of the studio audience a Terrible Towel. The hosts all got one too.

Susan: “My gift to you, a Terrible Towel. So, do you know how to use this?”

“The Talk” Co-Host Aisha Tyler: “No, show me.”

Susan: “You whip it and try not to hit me in the face.”

Aisha: “There was a hip hop song about this a while ago.”

It’s been to the International Space Station, so why not a national talk show? And, in a blink of an eye, it was over.

Sharon: “And, we also want to thank KDKA anchor Susan Koeppen.”

Susan: “Thank you.”

CBS: “The Talk”
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