AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — An Ambridge man with a criminal history of burglaries was arrested for stealing hundreds of dollars from a church donation box.

But first he’ll faces charges for breaking into a home in Allegheny County.

Ambridge police say 25-year-old David Jablonsky and his brother approached Good Samaritan Catholic Church under the guise of becoming members, but that changed when the church refused to give them a hundred dollars and gave them food instead.

“I actually had a conversation with Father Carr about both of these individuals,” Ambridge Police Chief James Mann said.

“I told him that we were familiar with them and they shouldn’t permit them to come to the church because I just had a bad feeling about this and my feeling came true. He ended up burglarizing the church on two different occasions.”

Father Joe Carr says the burglar broke in through the same door in both burglaries and went straight to the candle boxes taking hundreds of dollars on both occasions.

“And the one on May 14th, our officers had contact with David Jablonsky on an unrelated incident and when they patted him down he had all these ones and fives on him,” Mann said.

Jablonsky eventually confessed to both burglaries but that’s only part of his trouble with the law. Police in Sewickley Heights caught him eating food and swimming in the pool of a home he had just burglarized.

It will be awhile before he faces theft and burglary charges in Beaver County.

According to the criminal complaint, Jablonsky said he needed the money to buy heroin and pay back some friends.

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