FORWARD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A decade-long mystery remains unsolved on Cashdollar Road in Butler County about how two teenage boys met their deaths.

It’s frustrating for investigators and a continuing heartache for their families.

In a farmer’s field just off the berm, Scott Fosnaught and Shawn Baur are remembered. Above their young faces it says “Someone Knows, Could It Be You?”

“My best friend,” says Barry Baur.

The passing of time does not ease the loss of your only son.

“It’s still a nightmare to us,” says Shawn’s mother, Patty Baur. “In one point because we don’t know what happened and no one’s come forward even with reward money.”

On July 17, 2002, a passerby found two terribly injured 15-year-old boys lying on Cashdollar Road not far from their homes.

Scott Fosnaught was dead at the scene. Shawn Baur died 40 minutes later at a hospital.

None of the evidence at the scene has ever added up. No skid marks. No broken glass. Shawn’s blood was detected 184-feet from where he lay, but theories abound.

“Scott got hit by a car and Shawn bent over to help him and they cracked him over the head – that’s one big theory right there,” says Barry.

Shawn Baur, who loved the outdoors, was killed five days short of his 16th birthday. His dad had planned a hunting trip for the two of them in Wyoming.

But those future plans for the Baur family died that day with Shawn.

All that Barry and Patty ask now is that someone has the simple decency to come forward and grant them peace.

“And we just hope one of these years the right call will come in,” Barry Baur said.

As the sign says, “Someone knows.”

At dusk, Scott Fosnaught’s mother will hold a vigil at the spot where she lost her son as she’s done every year.

Shawn Baur’s parents say that this is the last year they’ll speak publically about the loss of their son and that it’s time to move on.

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