PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The clean-up continues after Friday’s flash floods shut down roads, damaged homes and left behind a lot of mud and debris.

Pittsburgh officials say crews will be out through Monday at least working to clear the mess. More than two inches of rain fell in just an hour, and it overwhelmed storm drains.

For 80 years, Mariani & Richards has built a reputation for waterproofing flooded basements. But on Friday afternoon, Mother Nature turned the tables.

“[It was] like a river coming through here,” said Wade Saville, of Mariani & Richards. “It was massive water everywhere, about a foot of water, two feet of water, just running down through like a river.”

The flood waters that rose from the creek behind the building on Route 88 caused thousands of dollars in damage.

“[We] lost a lot of equipment and materials,” said Saville. “It just ruined a lot of stuff. Most of it is just garbage, now.”

Workers spent the day clearing mud and debris from inside the warehouse, giving new meaning to the company’s well-known slogan.

“’Aw, dry up!’ Yeah, I know, we’re drying up,” Saville said. “We’re slowly drying up; we’re getting back into business. Business will still be running, it’s just the warehouse got flooded.”

Business owners say Friday’s flooding was worse than the flooding in 2004 when the remnants of Hurricane Ivan came through the region.

Other businesses were clearing away debris, too. Walt Popovski, with Royal Place Restaurant, thinks dredging the creek would help solve the problem.

“If they dredge the creek, it would solve 50 percent of their problems, and at the least amount of money spent,” said Popovski. “They would get more for their bang by dredging than anything else. But they will not do it.”

“They’ve got to dredge it out, and make it deeper and put some concrete sides along it,” added Saville.

Business owners and residents say they plan to give PennDOT an earful during a meeting next week to discuss plans to deal with flooding along Routes 51 and 88.

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