BELLE VERNON (KDKA) — Police in Belle Vernon say a Girl Scout troop leader is facing charges in connection with more than $1,800 in stolen money from the group.

According to detectives, 46-year-old Ellen Amoroso is accused of taking the money from Girl Scout cookie sales for her own personal use.

She has two children of her own and police say she stole money from two troops.

“When we inquired as to what she had spent the money on, she had admitted that she bought groceries, paid for utility bills, cell phone bills, personal items,” said Chief John Hartman, of the Belle Vernon Police Department. “These kids are standing out there, standing in all kind of weather, trying to raise money for their troops. The thought that someone would take that money and then use it for their own purposes is unconscionable.”

“Two days ago, the chief of the police department calls and asked what happened, and I said, ‘yes, I used the money but I have the money to pay back,’ and nobody will take the money,” said Amoroso.

Police say they do not believe Amoroso is a troop leader anymore.

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