PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There are more Penn State alumni in Allegheny County than there are anywhere else in the world, and many have strong feelings about the removal of Joe Paterno’s statue and the looming NCAA sanctions.

But there was mixed reaction Sunday from Pittsburghers out and about on the North Shore.

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Most people say they knew that Paterno’s statue had been taken down, but many said they hadn’t heard yet about the sanctions.

“I feel that that was unnecessary,” said one person of the removal of the statue. “I just think that that is separate from him as a person and him as a coach.”

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“To see something like that happen at a major university, it’s about time that someone stepped in, took the correct actions to take the statue down because what that gentleman did in not reporting to the appropriate authorities was terrible,” said another.

“I think that’s extreme,” added another Pittsburgher. “I think personally they should have left it there because of his contributions for football, but I understand both sides. It’s a rough situation.”

One thing people agree on is they are interested to see what happens Monday regarding the sanctions.

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