By Paul Martino

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — The evening storms did plenty of damage in the northern parts of the Pittsburgh area.

“High winds, thunder to start, high winds and then just a lot of rain downpour,” Kristine Venasco, of New Castle, said. “I mean the trees were blowing like you wouldn’t believe.”

Trees were knocked down in several locations in New Castle. One tree fell on a house on Moody Avenue.

About a mile to the north, more trees were down on Edgewood Avenue.

Tree limbs took down power lines and trash cans were scattered. People were shaken up.

“It was pretty bad,” Nick Yoho, of New Castle, said. “The lightning was going, thunder came back real quick and while I was sitting in my back room and all of a sudden I heard a loud lightning strike real close and I looked out and a limb fell on my neighbor’s fence.”

But just as quickly as it arrived, the storm left and people came outside to start cleaning up.

“Like they say, it came quick and left quick, so everyone’s okay,” Venasco said.

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