PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — David Freed is the Republican candidate for Attorney General and the Cumberland County prosecutor finds himself up against Democrat Kathleen Kane, the first woman to run for this position in Pennsylvania history.

“She’s a formidable candidate. There’s no doubt,” Freed told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano, “I think it’s my executive experience that sets me apart.”

Freed is an elected district attorney while Kane was an appointed assistant DA in Lackawanna County.

“I’ve been the one running the office, leadership roles, leadership role in the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association and whatever I’ve become involved in, I’ve become a leader.”

One big issue likely to play in this campaign is the Attorney General’s handling of the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky case which Kane has criticized.

Delano: “Do you think the case has been handled right by the attorney general’s office?”

Freed: “Well, I think that the verdict speaks for itself. Convictions on 45 of 48 counts which will result in what everyone believes to be essentially a life sentence for Jerry Sandusky shows that the investigation worked.”

Freed rejected his opponent’s belief that an arrest could have been made earlier.

“Only the prosecutor building the case knows when the right time is to make that arrest.”

The Republican defended then-Attorney General Corbett’s use of a grand jury even if that took more time, especially with a high-profile defendant like Sandusky.

“As prosecutors, we get one shot. One. If we lose, no appeal.”

Freed said he knows his position may be hard for non-lawyers to understand, but he won’t second-guess the way Corbett handled the case.

On one point, both he and Kathleen Kane agree.

They both say there should be no statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases, no matter how many years it takes for a crime to come to light.

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