FRAZER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Most residents in Frazer Township have only heard about the bears around the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.

However, one homeowner has a little more to share with friends after taking pictures of a bear right outside his sliding glass door.

Now, the Game Commission has two traps set, ready to catch the meandering bear. Meanwhile, the sightings continue and Frazer Township Police said some people are getting a little too close for comfort to a wild, potentially dangerous animal.

Police video taken on July 22 shows officials trying to shoo a bear away from the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.

Bear sightings have been reported several times since then. The most recent sighting came over the weekend, when a Frazer Township man snapped several candid pictures of a bear at his house.

“The bear are wild animals. They will attack if provoked or scared,” Police Chief Carl Toscolani said.

Bear sightings aren’t entirely uncommon in this area, but Chief Toscolani said the bears in recent instances seem much more brazen than in the past.

Last weekend, a young adult female walked into Sears at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. However, while police are trying to concentrate on isolating and removing the bear from public areas, they’re also now dealing with crowd control.

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“Every time we get a bear call, we’re getting numerous people going to the scene. That’s dangerous for the people and for the bear,” Chief Toscolani said.

Two traps were set in undisclosed locations in the area by the game commission. While sightings continue, the hope is that the black bear, estimated to weigh over 300 pounds, will be caught soon.

“It has no fear of people. Hopefully we can trap it. Traps have been set, but it might have to be put down. And the less people there, the less danger,” Chief Toscolani said.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission recommends that you not leave any food or trash out.

Also, if you see a bear, you should call police.

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