PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — He wasn’t a household name in Pittsburgh, but he had a big impact on how we live.

A memorial service was held Saturday to honor and celebrate the life of Mark Schneider; a man who many say dedicated his career to making Pittsburgh a better place.

Friends, associates, family members and 400 dignitaries gathered at PNC Park to celebrate Schneider’s life.

The tribute was held in one of the facilities that Schneider, a real estate executive, played a strong role in developing while he was chairman of the Sports and Exhibition Authority.

“We have three of the greatest venues: PNC Park – the best baseball park in America… the best convention center in the world and a world-class football stadium,” said Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. “Those were because of the vision of someone like Mark Schneider.”

The 55-year-old died last Sunday after crashing his bicycle during a charity ride in Frederick, Md.

Max Schneider talked about the legacy his dad leaves behind.

“It’s going to be really something special one day to come back, or even if I’m living here, to be able to take my kids around and point at things and say, ‘your grandfather had a hand in that,’” said Schneider’s son.

Former Pittsburgh mayor Tom Murphy says Schneider was a man who had vision and was willing to take risks to make Pittsburgh a better city.

“Mark was the developer we would always go to when it was a difficult development, Washington’s Landing, the Summerset – a slag dump – who would have thought it would be one of the premier places to live,” said Murphy.

John Vento says Schneider was a driving force behind the World War II Memorial coming soon to the North Shore.

“We’re ready right now to start building this memorial, and hope to put it together by the spring of this coming year,” said Vento, who is on the memorial committee.

Schneider’s brother-in-law explained why it was so important to celebrate his life today.

“Unfortunately, tomorrow is another day and we have to begin to live without him in ours, so let’s celebrate,” said Mike McClanaghan.

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