INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) — Two men are facing charges after they allegedly robbed two pizza shop employees, telling them they were on a reality TV show called, “You Just Got Robbed.”

The victims were employees at Fox’s Pizza on Philadelphia Street in Indiana. They were standing outside early Sunday morning because the fire alarm went off.

That’s when they were approached by the suspects, 21-year-old Randall Smith and 18-year-old Artie Goodwine.

“The one male put us both in a headlock and said, ‘You’re gonna be on a reality show TV show called “You Just Got Robbed,”’” said the victim who did not want to be identified. “The other started recording the incident.”

The reality show was a hoax, but the robbery was very real.

“The guy that was filming came up to me and grabbed me by the throat,” Austin Harnish, a victim, said. “I was like, ‘Yep, there’s my wallet. You can have whatever’s in it. There’s $20 bucks.’”

Smith and Goodwine took off but were quickly arrested by Indiana police.

An off-duty officer saw the pair be kicked out of nearby Wolfie’s Pub a few minutes earlier and had been watching them as the robbery occurred.

The victims were not hurt and say they are just shocked at how the robbery went down.

“Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again,” Harnish said.

The suspects are facing robbery and related charges. They were taken to the Indiana County Jail.


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