PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Jurors completed a third day of deliberations in the federal lawsuit Jordan Miles filed against three Pittsburgh Police officers.

As the plaintiff’s attorneys packed away some of the evidence boxes used during the two-week trial, there was a question from jurors which the judge decided to handle with a phone conference with attorneys without reconvening a court session.

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No one connected with the case would comment on what the jurors asked.

At issued in terms of the law is whether Jordan Miles is the victim of a false arrest, whether he was the victim of a malicious prosecution and or the victim of unnecessary force.

If the jury finds any or all of the officers liable, they will determine damages which the city of Pittsburgh will pay.

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But the real issue is credibility. For all of Jordan Miles’ claims that the officers did not identify themselves, the officers testified they did.

For his claim that he was beaten after he was handcuffed, they say he was not and they claim that the reason Jordan Miles ended up looking as he did was because he in their view ran from them and did not comply with their demands.

The jury will resume deliberations Tuesday.


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