PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Downed trees and flooded roadways made for some hazardous conditions Sunday when strong storms battered the area.

The storms were particularly bad just south and east of Pittsburgh.

Now, there is plenty of cleanup to be done.

The weight of the rain caused a portion of the roof to collapse at the Shell gas station on Homeville Road in West Mifflin.

No one was hurt, but the station had to close for a while.

Nearby on Route 51, major flash flooding shut down a stretch of the road. The water receded and crews were able to reopen the road quickly.

Across town, in Carnegie, Matt Hudson’s wife and daughter became trapped in his pickup truck when the water started rising.

“She said she was alright, the firemen took them out by canoe or whatever, by boat,” Hudson said.

“They [saw] the water, thought they could get through it, hit it hard and heavy and it started to float. They got a little nervous and luckily our medics were quick to arrive and rescue the two people in the truck,” Rob Kaczorowski said.

Hudson says he is thankful his loved ones are okay and thinks his truck will be fine.

“I guess I’ll get it towed home and drain the fluids and stuff and hopefully put the fluids all back in and it should be alright,” Hudson said.

Once the rain let up, crews surveyed the damage and worked on repairs.

They said they have experienced worse.

“Never happy when we have a situation like this, but unfortunately that’s what Mother Nature does. It deals the hand, we have to play it,” Kaczorowski said.

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