By Lynne Hayes-Freeland

SEWICKLEY (KDKA) — Police in Sewickley and neighboring communities are investigating a rash of vandalism.

Vandals struck in Sewickley, Sewickley Heights, Leet and Leetsdale.

Police say it all happened between 11 p.m. Sunday and 5 a.m. Monday. They believe all of the incidents are connected.

About 30 cars were hit – some with eggs, some with pellet guns – causing broken windows and windshields.

Calls started coming in on Sunday night and police were kept busy on Monday.

“You’d figure, you wake up at eight o’clock in the morning, you’re going outside, you’re getting ready to go to work, you come out, you find out you have eggs all over your vehicle, your windows are destroyed, they’re broken out,” police said.

And police say, the victims are stuck with the hassle – and cost – of getting it all fixed.

“So people are not only losing out on what they’re paying for deductibles, if the insurance isn’t covering it, they got to worry about how much of it is going to be out of pocket through Safelite or a company of the same and then they’re probably going to miss a day of work,” he continued.

Police say they may have some surveillance video that could help them solve the case.

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