CRAFTON (KDKA) – Caution tape, construction cones and a big hole right in the middle of the road.

A water main break created a big mess Wednesday morning at the intersection of Willard and Meuller Avenues in Crafton.

It was a rude awakening around 2:30 a.m. for neighbors.

“It sounded like it was storming,” said Erin Canton, of Crafton. “I looked out the window and [saw] the water coming up out of the road, called the police.”

Canton says the real trouble started just after police arrived to survey the situation.

“It really looked like a volcano. I’ve never seen nothing like that; it came out a little bit and a little bit, and then it just erupted everywhere,” said Canton. “Rocks were flying everywhere, you had to duck and dodge, even the police were running.”

The force of the water sent rocks and pieces of pavement flying. The back window of one car was shattered by the debris.

“Chipped my other car, chipped my bike, dented my car all up, dented my door all up, my basement is flooded, my roof is all dented in, chipped all over,” said Canton of the damage. “Yeah, it’s bad.”

“Took a little bit of water in the basement and we got showered with rocks,” added Ron Elliott, another neighbor. “It’s unbelievable.”

It happened on a six-inch, 70-year-old line that was scheduled to be replaced.

In fact, crews with Pennsylvania American Water were working to replace a section of the same line on Tuesday.

Officials say 30 customers went without water while workers made repairs.


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