PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man accused of assaulting a woman and killing a puppy appeared in court.

Leroy Graham denied the charges as he left court today.

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“I ain’t killed nothing, I ain’t killed nothing man,” he said.

He was babysitting the 2-month-old puppy last month for a Pulaski woman. She had taken someone shopping, but when the shopping trip took longer than expected, police say Graham got angry.

When the woman finally returned, police say Graham went inside the woman’s apartment, got the puppy, and slammed it against her car.

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He then reached inside and began choking the woman. The puppy received severe injuries and died the next morning.

“I mean, like, why are they making a big issue of this?” Graham said. “Here he is a police officer killed a dog, and now they’re trying to make an example out of me because I’m black?”

Graham is no stranger to police. Last year he was charged with rape, but in a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to terroristic threats and indecent assault.

He was on probation for those charges when the incident with the puppy took place.

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