PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Who is fitter? The police or EMS?

They’re about to find out in Robinson Township where the two departments are duking it out in a fitness challenge.

Four weeks ago, the Robinson Police Department challenged the Robinson EMS Department to a duel. Who can lose the most weight and body fat over the next 12 weeks?

“We work hand in hand with them with all the accident calls that we have,” said Robinson Police Chief Dale Vietmeier. “They’re right next door to us.”

They went to a local fitness facility to oversee the contest.

“I immediately said absolutely, it’s a way to get the community healthy and it’s an initiative that maybe some others will follow their lead,” said Jason DeRose, a trainer.

During week one, baseline weights, body measurements were taken and the workouts got underway.

“We’re calling it kind of a boot camp-type fitness program, where we’re going to use battling ropes, we’re going to push some sleds,” said DeRose. “A lot of things that get the heart rate up really high, build lean body mass, but at the same time, the risk of injury is going to be really low.”

Over the next 12 weeks, there will be weekly check-ins, measurements and more.

“Some of them also signed up for nutritional counseling,” adds DeRose. “So, they’re sending me what they’re eating on their food journal per week. I critique it, give them feedback.”

EMS says the pressure is on, but the police are laying down the law.

“So far, I’ve had more of the police officers in here training, so I’ve got to give them a little bit of an edge,” said DeRose. “However, once the EMS guys get into it, and finally get their roots into the training, and get a feel of it, it’s going to be neck and neck.

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