PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A fired Pittsburgh Police officer, who is accused of offering five women legal help in exchange for sexual favors ,was back in court Tuesday morning.

Adam Skweres and his attorneys tried to convince a judge to throw out a key piece of evidence.

“Essentially, Attorney Eckert and myself filed a motion to suppress all of the evidence that was gathered in this case,” Attorney Phillip DiLucente said.

The suppressed evidence would include the alleged cocaine found in Skweres’ vehicle while he was locked up.

“It’s not his drugs. He didn’t have access to the vehicle for, I think, over a week because he was incarcerated. So, I think it’s pretty hard if you’re out of your house for a week and other people have access to it, do you want to take responsibility for what’s in your house when you’re away for a week?” DiLucente said.

The main argument made by Skweres’ attorneys was about the charges and how they would be adjudicated. The prosecution would like to connect the dots case to case.

“It’s our position that there are no dots that need to be connected and that each dot should be tried on its own,” DiLucente said. “I don’t think that any one case standing on its own supports the overall charges. So, that being said, the prejudicial value increases whenever you add all of the charges with all the alleged victims.”

Skweres said nothing during the hearing or to the media.

DiLucente said his client will go to trial and it will more than likely be in late November.


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