PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Authorities announced an indictment against a man in Ireland in a series of bomb threats made against the University of Pittsburgh campus.

According to officials, 64-year-old Adam Stuart Busby of Dublin, Ireland, is being charged with wire fraud, malicious conveyance of false information and international extortion in relation to the e-mail of threats that resulted in more than 100 evacuations at Pitt this spring.

“I am very relieved,” Pitt Chancellor Mark Nordenberg said. “This is an important day as I said for Pitt. It’s an important day for Pittsburgh.”

Busby has sent partial bombs in Great Britain, threatened to blow up buildings in Ireland and poisoned America’s water supply.

Federal agents say they can’t pinpoint or will not discuss why he targeted Pitt. They say Busby does not have a connection to the university or Pittsburgh.

According to KDKA-TV Investigator Marty Griffin’s sources, Busby is a known terrorist.

Busby allegedly used computer servers in Austria and the Netherlands to make the threats against the University of Pittsburgh. He also threatened to bomb four federal courthouses in Pennsylvania.

Officials said Busby has been a suspect since April, but declined to give many details on how they were able to track him down. They said that cooperation between local, national and international cyber investigators resulted in his indictment.

He is currently in custody in Ireland on other charges.

Dozens of threats were made against the school during the spring semester, which forced students out of campus buildings and dormitories at all hours of the day.

There’s now a growing sense of relief on Pitt’s Oakland campus.

“I was actually really surprised to find out it was a guy from Ireland though,” one student said. “I don’t know what relation he had to Pitt or what vendetta he had against us, but that was pretty interesting.”

“That was so trying for the university to deal with that,” added another student. “I mean, that guy, I don’t know why he did it, but man, that disrupted everybody.”

Previously in their investigation, authorities keyed in on an Internet hosting service in New York. According to its website, a server located in an office shared by Riseup and May First/People Link was seized by the FBI.

That server is operated by an Italian-based Internet service provider that has the capabilities to anonymously send e-mails and avoid any tracking of the sender.

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