NORTH HILLS (KDKA) – There aren’t many people who look forward to going to the grocery store. However, hundreds were willing to wait in line as a new store opened its doors in the North Hills on Thursday.

If you ever wondered whether people have lost sense of the value of money, think again.

Locations of the Bottom Dollar grocery chain opened months ago in Pittsburgh and nearby in Youngstown.

On Thursday, a new location opened in Ross Township.

“I love it, I’m not even halfway through yet. I only came in for a few things and as you can see, my cart is pretty full,” Janis Schott said.

Like many first time shoppers, she heard about the store from family who shop at the chain in the South Hills.

“Many customers have said, ‘We’re so happy you opened today.’ Because actually four people this morning told me they’ve been traveling all the way to Penn Hills to shop,” Bottom Dollar Director of Operations Nick Siniscalchi said.

By design these stores are smaller. they only carry about 6.800 items, far less than the other grocery stores, but customers said the difference is when they get to the checkout, that Bottom Dollar helps their bottom line.

“I’m not here to get my dry cleaning done or to have a bakery or greeting cards. I’m here to shop for food and they have everything that I need,” Ken Bayer said.

With people waiting in line to just to get in the door, evidently, he’s not alone.


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