By David Highfield

SOUTH STRABANE (KDKA) — A man won $1,192,567 at a slot machine at the Meadows Casino Thursday afternoon.

The winner’s name is being kept a secret, but he’s from Morgantown and said to be a regular patron of the casino.

Dave Fells happened to be nearby and says the man remained calm after the win and began calling people.

Wendi Ellis, a waitress at the Meadows, says the winner normally drinks Diet Coke but asked for a shot after the winning spin.

The man hit on a progressive $5 machine that’s tied to nine other slot machines at the casino.

The jackpot started as $25,000 and has been building for three years.

Word of the win spread fast through the casino, with people coming over to see the winning machine.

Sean Sullivan, from the Meadows, believes this is the biggest slot machine payout in Pennsylvania so far.

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