PLAIN GROVE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – State police are continuing to investigate after someone threw a loaded 50-gallon trash can from an overpass onto Interstate 79, which crashed into the windshield of a passing vehicle over the weekend.

“I have a bad headache. The right side of my head really hurts. My right side hurts, my right arm, shoulder all that hurts,” Jackie Truax said. “There was some glass in my left eye and I was cleaning out my ear and I was pulling glass out of my ear [today].”

Truax was approaching the Pollack Store Road overpass in Lawrence County around midnight Saturday when the trash can slammed into her car.

“All of a sudden I went under the bypass and I see something black coming down and the next thing I know, there was air coming through. I couldn’t pull off to the side of the road because I couldn’t tell where the side of the road was. I couldn’t see where I was going,” Truax said.

Her Ford Tauras’ windshield was crushed and the roof was destroyed in the incident.

“I don’t know how I got out of it to be honest with you,” Truax said.

State police said the can was stolen from a residence near the bridge and those responsible are still on the run.

Truax is as angry as she is injured.

“I do want justice. It’s attempted murder. They deliberately threw that off hopping something would happen. They thought it was funny,” Truax said. “If you had any kind of decency or whatever you want to call it, you’d go turn yourself in.”

She said she knows the physical wounds will eventually heal. However, her biggest concern is getting over the nightmares and the worries she has while driving over or under an overpass.


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