WEST SUNBURY (KDKA) — The Moniteau High School football Warriors are gearing up to face the Sharpsburg Blue Devils for the season opener this Friday.

But on the first day of football camp earlier this month, veteran varsity players allegedly restrained rookie teammates. The veterans then pulled down their pants and stuck their backsides in the faces of those on the ground.

They call it “brown-nosing” and a parent reported it to the school board.

“The district has for a number of years had an anti-hazing policy in place that we are committed to enforcing,” Andrea Parenti, Moniteau School District Solicitor, said.

Moniteau School District Superintendent George Svolos told KDKA-TV that he regrets what happened and that the incident is being investigated and, “if merited, disciplinary action will be taken.”

The students involved are in grades 9-12.

“It’s still young kids under 18 and you know, so, it’s inappropriate – it’s inappropriate this day and age,” a woman said.

The Moniteau School Board of Directors met behind closed doors for more than five hours to determine what, if any, discipline should be handed out. Tuesday night, many members of the football team showed up as a sign of solidarity.

The public meeting lasted four minutes before the board went into an executive session. Players, parents and the press left the room.

Sources say at least three veteran varsity players were interviewed.

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