PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An Indiana County man is now in jail, accused in the death of one-year-old, Colby Jozefczyk.  

 State police say they do not believe Colby’s mother, Kayla Lyons is responsible for the death of her son but they say she was abusive and physically aggressive.

It has been a 6-month investigation involving the Attorney General Office. In result, Kayla Lyons is charged with aggravated assault and the mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Anderson-Holmes, is charged with homicide.

“Colby continued to cry and Mr. Anderson-Holmes increased the amount of time he held his right hand over [Colby’s] mouth until he realized Colby stopped breathing in his arms and died,” State Trooper, John Matchik says.

Police say the 17-month-old was cold, blue and dead when police arrived the next day.

Police say Colby’s sister, Ava, was also abused by her mother, Kayla Lyons.

“Lyons slapping her in the face and forcibly grabbing her and removing her from her highchair,” Trooper Matchik says at a press conference.

Police say the assault on Ava did not end there.

“Lyons proceeded to throw her daughter against the wall, in a kitchen, then onto a sofa,”  Matchik continues.

The children’s grandmother, father, and other relatives watched with great emotion as police outlined the tale of abuse.

The victim’s grandmother says her daughter would never hurt the children.

“I don’t believe it,” the victim’s grandmother, Barb Keltz says.

Children and family services from Indiana and Westmoreland Counties have been monitoring the welfare of Colby and Ava.

“Obviously, I’m able to stand here six months later and say yes, I wish the children weren’t there that day,” Indiana County District Attorney, Patrick Dougherty says.    

There was a brief confrontation following the news conference between the children’s maternal grandmother and their father.

The grandmother claims that some of the abuse happened at the father’s house.  

At this time, the victim’s father has not been charged.

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