PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was back to class today for Pittsburgh Public Schools, but the first day of school comes after some major changes in the district including the closing of several schools.

With so many changes throughout the Pittsburgh Public School District over the summer, the former Langley High School saw one of the biggest transitions, reopening Wednesday morning as a K-8th grade school and welcoming some 730 students through its doors.

After seven schools closed last year, many found themselves in a new building today with new teachers and new classmates.

“Some of them are changing schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane. “So, that’s a huge change for kids, and helping them through that transition will be very important for us.”

Dr. Lane visited Pittsburgh Langley K-8 this morning to see that transition off to a good start.

Faced with steep financial problems, unpleasant decisions were made, like furloughing roughly 180 teachers. But Dr. Lane finds the positive in the negative, looking at the recent changes as a new beginning.

“Every school year for me is a fresh start,” she said. “So, we’re excited about doing it better.”

Langley was the only school to totally transform into a new school. Prior to this school year, it was a high school. Now, the school seats 5-year-olds to teenagers in its classrooms.

There was also one noticeable addition; metal detectors greeted all students at the doors.

“It’s a big school and it’s scary for the kids, but I think they’ll be fine,” said Karen Robison, a parent.

The students will be somewhat segregated by grades in the building.

“I’m excited about coming to school. I want to meet my teachers,” added Jamere Russell, a first grader.

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