PLUM (KDKA) — The former Director of the Oakmont Senior Center, who is accused of stealing at least $10,000 from the Oakmont Senior Center, turned herself-in Wednesday.

A criminal complaint says Vanessa Duvall took the money from the center and used it to pay her bills. The complaint also notes that she even sent her family on a vacation.

“She was extremely distraught. She was the Director for a number of years, Duvall’s attorney, Timothy Kidd says. “They did monthly treasury reports, all of which the Board approved.”

Kidd defended 38-year-old Duval outside of District Justice, Linda Zucco’s courtroom.

Duvall faced the judge Wednesday afternoon.

“They’re going back, looking at items from 2009 through 2011,” Kidd says. “We’re working in conjunction with the DA’s and Detectives who have been extremely professional in handling this.”

The criminal complaint notes that Duvall stole $9,489 from the Riverview Community Action Corporation.

The affidavit says Duvall used the money for luxuries like a Carnival Cruise for her family and paying for her phone and utility bills.

Duvall was fired from the Oakmont Senior Center in August 2011.

Duvall pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released Wednesday.

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