ARMSTRONG COUNTY (KDKA) — The body of an Armstrong County man may have to be exhumed and reburied because his final resting place was recently sold to someone else.

For a family mourning the loss of a loved one in Ford City, their grieving has taken an unexpected turn.

“He was funny, hilarious and had a good heart,” says Lindsay Fichthorn.

When Joseph Fichthorn died last December, he was buried in Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery adjacent to the spot where his parents were buried.

Fichthorn’s daughter, Lindsay Fichthorn, paid $500 to Christ Prince of Peace Church in Ford City for a single grave site for her father.

Recently, the Fichthorn siblings were jolted when approached by a woman in a local restaurant.

Lindsay Fichthorn says the woman told them they had to move their father’s body.

Lindsay says the last thing she wants is to have their father’s body exhumed and moved to another part of the cemetery.

Lot owner, Linda Boswell says she and her husband can appreciate the Fichthorn’s dilemma.

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies,” Lindsay says. “I’d rather have my Dad here with me but I want him to be able to finally rest in peace.”

Reverend Bryan Summers of Christ Prince of Peace Church says the church is investigating what is a very sad and unfortunate situation.

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