PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A comedy segment called “Pittsburgh Dad” has been a YouTube sensation ever since the first segment aired a couple of years ago.

But the newest entry, featuring coach Mike Tomlin at Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, may top them all.

When Tomlin says he won’t go so far as to say the team will finish 19-0, “Dad” proclaims: “I’m going so far as saying 19-0. The only thing the ’72 Dolphins will be popping is their knees back in place.”

He also hollers at his imaginary offspring. “Hey Jesse! Leave Troy alone over there. Get out of his hair. I mean, literally, get out of his hair. Just go wait in the car. With the windows up.”

The training camp segment topped 50,000 YouTube views in the first 24 hours.

Pittsburgh Dad is actor Curt Wootton. Producer Chris Preksta tapes the segments on his cell phone.

Wootton says the character is based on his own Pittsburgh dad.

“He claims that he doesn’t act this way,” he said. “But I have 21 years that says he does.”

New segments appear on a regular basis. As Coach would say, “they play ’em one at a time. The standard is the standard.”

‘Pittsburgh Dad’ Becoming YouTube Sensation (6/23/12)
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