PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The cleanup process is underway in at least one Pittsburgh neighborhood after storms moved through the area on Saturday morning and left behind some serious damage.

There’s been no official determination by the National Weather Service, but neighbors on Onondago Street in Pittsburgh’s Swisshelm Park neighborhood say whatever tore through the area caused quite a ruckus and created a big mess.

Whatever it was, it was very isolated and happened within minutes.

Neighbors say the sudden storm that ripped through a small section of Swisshelm Park after 9 a.m. was fierce and short-lived.

Limbs snapped off of huge trees, and fences were torn apart by the impact.

Residents said they couldn’t believe what they saw outside of their windows.

“Burst of rain, wind and a swirling – a terrific swirling – covered both windows like I have never seen anything in my life,” said Ed Hardy, a neighbor.

“I thought my roof was coming off, it was so loud,” added Judy Boelker, another neighbor, “and I ran downstairs, and by the time I got my cell phone to call my daughter, it was gone.”

Cleanup crews will be working throughout the night, helping residents.

Meanwhile, neighbors say they are eager to find out exactly what type of weather system caused all the damage.

The storms also caused problems for some Port Authority riders.

A tree came down on a T line near the Washington Junction, stopping service in that area.

The tree was removed by the afternoon, but residual delays of up to 45 minutes were possible into the early evening hours.

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