BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) – Walking your dog may become illegal in a Beaver County town at least on one street.

The dog ban proposal is creating some controversy in the community.

Leaders in Beaver Falls said they’ve been working hard to clean up and revitalize the streets, but there’s one problem.

“I try to walk daily, man I tell you I get disgusted because people aren’t cleaning up after their dogs, after their animals. They got to clean up,” Beaver Falls Councilman John Kirkland said.

Kirkland said the situation is becoming more and more of an issue.

He said on any given day, you can find animal feces along a stretch of Seventh Avenue between 10th and 20th Streets, which is considered to be the central business area through town.

“We can’t be walking down our avenue and walking right into feces. It’s just getting to be so bad that we have to eliminate it, we have to stop it,” Kirkland said.

In an effort to stop it, Kirkland said community leaders are proposing some type of dog walking ban in that specific location.

He said that would not only remove the waste, but also make for a friendlier street.

He said often, people are intimidated by dogs left unattended and tied up to parking meters outside of shops.

“No one wants to come by them. I don’t want to come by them. We never know what they are going to do. Everybody says my dog doesn’t bite. Well, he is your dog,” Kirkland said.

Some people living in Beaver Falls said the whole thing sounds a bit extreme.

“Just have a little law that, you know, don’t leave your dog unattended and you’re going to come uptown and you know you are coming to the store, leave them at home,” Andre Milliner said.

The proposal is still being researched and the council doesn’t expect to take any action until later this year.


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