CARNEGIE (KDKA) — Parishioners at Carnegie’s First Christian Church on Anthony Street say they are sick and tired of having to make a mad dash to get to the church from the parking lot across the street.

The church and the parking lot are separated by the Carnegie ramp off the Parkway West.

The speed limit is supposed to be 20 miles an hour on the ramp in front of the church, but most drivers appear to ignore the speed limit signs.

“I’m afraid until somebody really gets hurt bad or killed nothing is going to happen,” Pastor Gary Miller said.

He’d like to see PennDOT put up a flashing light, or guard rails to protect people who have to attend mass or church other events.

“Letters have been sent to PennDOT and PennDOT’s only response was put a guide rail up close to the building to protect the building,” Carnegie Councilman Mike Sarsfield said. “But there seems to be no concern on their part to protect the citizens.”

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