UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Caitlyn Conaway, 13, starts to cry when she thinks about bullies at school.

She’s at home recovering after she and her parents claim another girl who had been bullying her, physically attacked her in the cafeteria at Ben Franklin K-8 in the Uniontown School District.

Police say Caitlyn was punched 18 times by another girl who will now face a charge of simple assault.

Caitlyn says the girl knocked her to the ground, punched her in the face and kicked her ribs.

Jeanne Conaway says her daughter was taken to the hospital and has a fractured nose. She wants the other girl expelled.

Jeanne and Ric Conaway say that administrators and teachers are doing a good job, but they question whether the policies involving bullying and attacks need to be stronger.

They also say they just want people to know bullying is going on.

KDKA-TV was unable to reach anyone from the Uniontown School District for comment Wednesday night.

Caitlyn Conaway will be off school for a few days, but gets really upset when she thinks about her eventual return. She says she wants to be home schooled or enroll in a cyber school.

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