GREEN TREE (KDKA) — Despite speculation that Mitt Romney’s campaign is giving up on winning in Pennsylvania, one of Romney’s sons visited the Pittsburgh area this week.

Josh Romney says the Keystone State is still up for grabs.

When the Romney campaign bus pulled into Green Tree, KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano was invited inside to sit down with the third son of Mitt and Ann Romney.

“This is trip number one to Pittsburgh,” said Josh Romney. “I’ve been through Pennsylvania a number of times, but I’ve never made it out to Pittsburgh. It’s great to be in the area and get to see a different part of the state.”

The younger Romney was here to campaign in several Western Pennsylvania counties, meeting locally with the Allegheny County Republican Party faithful in Green Tree.

His visit comes at a time when the Romney campaign, and their Super PACs, have stopped running campaign ads in this state – leaving some to say Mitt Romney has given up on winning Pennsylvania.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. We are working hard here,” Romney’s son says. “We are planning on winning Pennsylvania. I think we have a great shot to do it. We’re going to fight hard here.”

The 37-year-old says his father knows how to turn the economy around.

“My dad is a guy who has spent his life in the private sector. He knows how to fix things,” Josh Romney said. “He knows how to do turn-arounds. This is what he does.”

KDKA’s Jon Delano asked the younger Romney about his father’s video comment that he couldn’t worry about the 47 percent of Americans – seniors, many families with children, the poor, and some military – who pay no federal income tax.

“He was saying exactly what he means. He said the same thing he said all across the campaign trail,” Josh Romney said. “They’re a lot of people dependent on government right now, and that’s something we need to wean them off the government, make sure they’re out pursuing their own dreams, finding their own interests, doing their own things. We don’t want people dependent on the government.”

Josh Romney says he’s proud of his parents.

”There’s a lot of pride in watching my dad and mom out there campaigning hard,” he adds. “I feel really blessed to be part of this family.”

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