By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — PennDOT is changing the requirements for IDs, making it easier for everyone to get one before the November election.

Now all you need is your Social Security number, but opponents say the change comes too late.

“We’re getting awfully close to the election and I think there’s going to be some people that are going to have some difficulties,” Desiree Hung with AARP said.

AARP says the law hurts the elderly and should be stopped by the court at least for this election.

“It’s a bad law – let’s just get away from it. Let’s issue the injunction and study it and see what we can do later.”

The Commonwealth Court heard arguments Tuesday on the controversial voter ID law. It has to decide whether to uphold the law or throw it out ahead of the election.

In sending the case back for further review, the state Supreme Court said the law must be enjoined or halted for this upcoming election if the judge found that any voter at all would be disenfranchised from voting because he or she could not get a photo ID.

The court is hearing testimony from commonwealth officials and individual voters who say they’ve had great difficulty getting that photo ID.

The State Supreme Court has set Oct. 2 as the date for the lower court judge to make his ruling, but he hopes to be done before them.

No matter what decision he makes, it will likely be appealed again before the State Supreme Court.

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