UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — It was a long, high speed chase that lasted more than 20 minutes and reached speeds of up to 90mph.

The entire chase was caught on police dash cam video. The suspect made abrupt turns into alleys across Uniontown trying to get away from police.

“He took us through several city streets, out of the city into North Union Township, back into the city, out of the city into South Union Township during course of the pursuit,” Uniontown Police Lt. Thomas Kolencik said.

It all began around 2:45 a.m. Friday when 27-year-old Joseph Hines ran a red light on East Main Street. Police tried to pull him over on Connellsville Street, but he took off.

“We’re talking about city streets, narrow streets, businesses that were still open, so it was a very dangerous situation,” Lt. Kolencik said.

Twice during the pursuit Hines slammed his car into a police cruiser. As he sped down Berkely Street, police watched him throw bags of heroin out the window.

The chase ended on Dixon Street where the suspect approached police head on and then swerved to avoid the collision, giving police the chance to push him into a parked car and end the chase.

The Uniontown police cruiser involved in the crash has significant front-end damage.

A woman in the car with Hines was not injured and will not be charged.

As for Hines, he had to be tased when he resisted police at the scene. He’s facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, fleeing and eluding and numerous other charges.

Police say the suspect was under the influence at the time of the chase. They also recovered nearly 200 stamp bags of heroin and 4 grams of cocaine.

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