HAMPTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Runners and walkers in North Park reported seeing a naked man.

Police say they want to catch the man before he exposes himself again. The trail where the man was spotted is near the Hemlock Apartments in Hampton Township.

A woman and her dog were walking the trail at about 10 a.m. Wednesday when she saw him.

“I saw someone out the corner of my eye and I looked over and there was an older man walking with pure white hair, kind of a bigger build, and he was completely naked, strolling through the woods,” the woman told KDKA-TV.

She was startled. He wasn’t.

“He casually turned to look at me and casually turned away and not a care in the world,” she said.

This isn’t the first time a naked person has been spotted here.

A woman’s sister recently ran into a police officer coming out of the woods, checking the trails to see if they could find the person.

“She didn’t see anyone that time, but we have heard other occurrences of this happening,” she said.

By all accounts, the man has never made any threatening or sexual moves, but police say the unusual nature of his actions is cause for concern.

“My children like to play in the woods and I really don’t want them running into them.”

The police would like to talk to the man to find out if he’s a naturalist or if something more sinister is going on.

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