OAKLAND (KDKA) – An apartment building in Oakland was evacuated Sunday morning due to elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

Roughly 180 residents of the King Edward Apartments on Bayard Street in Oakland, were forced to evacuate.

“They just knocked on the door and said they are evacuating the building. So, get your stuff, and, go,” Monica Palmiotto said.

“I just got woken up by a bang on the door. There [were] firefighters outside, and they were asking us to leave,” Sammy Singh said.

It’s believed the source came from one of the boilers in the basement, which caused dangerous fumes to spread throughout the building.

“Carbon monoxide was created, as a result of combustion, to create heat for the building, and it apparently was not vented properly,” Pittsburgh Paramedics Dist. Chief James Holman said.

Paramedics tested residents with a finger probe, to determine the amount of carbon monoxide in their blood.

“I took the carbon monoxide test, and I’m alright,” Tony Ding said.

Chief Holman said a 911 call came from one apartment that had a carbon monoxide detector.

“It’s very good that they took the time to, and the small amount of money to buy a carbon monoxide detector. When that activated, and they called 911, the system worked,” Chief Holman said.

“A week ago, I told him, we should get a carbon monoxide detector, so, I’m like, ‘I told you so,’” Danielle Kory said.

One person was treated at the hospital.

The gas was shut off, and windows were left open to help ventilate the building.

Chief Holman said most carbon monoxide calls are residential and he hopes this serves as a warning.

“People should definitely have their furnaces checked by a qualified professional, and make sure that their furnaces and hot waters are properly vented,” Chief Holman said.


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