MIDLAND HEIGHTS (KDKA) — A pig on the loose in one neighborhood in Beaver County has some people pretty upset.

They say the pig has been rooting around and destroying yards in Midland Heights.

At first it was thought to be a wild pig, but the Pennsylvania Game Commission says it’s actually a miniature pot-bellied pig that was someone’s pet. It’s believed that person moved away and left the animal behind.

“He just did this about 20 minutes ago,” said Kristi Bilotto, as she pointed at a front lawn that’s all ripped up. “You look out and see a pig in your front yard, and this is not a farm!”

She’s also concerned the pig will become wild and might harm neighborhood children.

Since abandoned pets aren’t really what the PA Game Commission handles, she says they told her to call the PA Department of Agriculture. Bilotto says they told her to call the Humane Society.

She says while people have come out to try to trap it, so far, no one has succeeded. “He won’t come out by the cage because he knows there’s a cage there! So he’s a little smarter than everyone trying to catch him!” said Bilotto.

One woman fears someone will try to shoot it.

Another neighbor calls the pig “Dozer.”

Kris Wilson says the pig continues to do more and more property damage.

“I think it’s a cute little pig, but it belongs on a farm… not in the Heights!” said Wilson.

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