By Mary Robb Jackson

VENANGO COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — A 13-year-old boy from Venango County is in jail today.

He is charged with killing his grandparents, because he did not like something they said.

Zachary Proper, was in 7th grade at Oil City Middle School and played on a youth football team.

Proper allegedly shot and killed both of his grandparents.

George Fross,69, and his 67-year-old wife, Dorothy, died in their neat home, decorated with fall mums, on Polk Cutoff Road Monday evening.

State police had gotten a call from their son William Proper.

“He called us because he was unable to get a hold of them,” Pennsylvania State Police Trooper David Wargo said.

Zachary had told Ryan, his step-father, and his mother Karen that a friend had killed his grandparents.

Then quickly changed his story when police confronted him at his mother’s home in Oil City, saying he did it, he killed his grandparents.

In the criminal complaint, he describes going to his grandparents’ home, how his grandpa got a 4-wheeler out of the shed for him and then left to run errands.

Zach spotted a bolt cutter, took it inside, removing a lock from a gun safe and took out a handgun. He then walked up behind his grandmother, put his ipod earphones in, turned his head away, raised the gun slightly and shot her.

When his grandpa got home 10 minutes later, Zach tells how he helped bring in pizza and packages, then shot George Fross in the shoulder.  He says he dumped the gun until it jammed, meaning that he kept shooting his grandpa.

“There’s no history of something like this being possible to occur,” Wargo said.

But Zach related that he was mad at his grandparents because they had called his mother a whore.

“These things take place all over our society and it really isn’t, unfortunately, as shocking as one would expect,” Wargo said.

The Superintendent of Oil City Schools told KDKA’s Mary Robb Jackson that they, and the community, were dumb-struck by what happened there and that counselors are available to students.

Zachary Proper remains in the Venango County Jail. No bond was set because of the nature of the charges.

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