MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — In last night’s pizza delivery robbery, the victim had a semi-automatic weapon pointed at him and an attempt was made to harm him with a stun gun.

The victim fortunately was unhurt.

Usually drivers try to carry no more money than they need to make change, but even with precautions like that, these robberies are still happening.

“It can happen anywhere. It can happen across the street, across the bridge, it can happen next door to your house,” says pizza shop owner Ryan Neal.

Pizza shop owners, like Ryan Neal, are well aware of the risks of robberies that their drivers face as they make delivers to strangers’ homes in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

“The police tell you to not deliver to the area but everyone is out trying to make a living,” Neal says. “There is no way we can stop doing business.”

Just a few blocks away, another pizza delivery driver was robbed on Wednesday night. The incident happened on Crucible Street in Crafton Heights at about 8:00 p.m.

The driver was approached by two African American men in their teens or early 20’s. They took some money and the pizza.

The robbers wore black hoodies and bandanna’s covering their faces.

That incident was the second pizza delivery robbery this week.

Tuesday night, around 9:00 p.m., a driver had $300 and a big pie order stolen. His two assailants were wearing Halloween masks.

“People put in a fake order with a fake address and a fake number,” says pizza shop owner Jim Farine. “He wasn’t hurt thank god and that is most important.”

Police in Shaler and the city’s robbery squad do not believe that the two incidents are related. No arrests have been made.

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