PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh police and the arson squad are investigating after being called to Pittsburgh’s Oakland section Tuesday night over the discovery of a trio of homemade explosive devices in some bushes.

It all happened along North Bellefield Avenue between Fifth Avenue and Bayard Street.

The Pittsburgh Bomb Squad was called in to dispose of the two so-called pop bottle bombs.

A third device exploded outside of a parking garage.

North Bellefield Avenue was closed for hours on Tuesday evening while authorities defused the situation and processed the scene.

“What a pop bottle bomb is, basically is it’s a chemical in aluminum foil put inside of a pop bottle,” said Detective Mike Burns, of Pittsburgh Police. “When it’s shaken up, it builds pressure and it causes the explosion of the pop bottle.”

The pop bottle bombs were placed or thrown in some bushes outside the parking garage.

“It all depends what they put inside them,” said Det. Burns. “If they explode, depending on what type of chemical they use or anything like that, it gets on you, it can cause a skin irritation or possibly even a skin burn or if it gets in your eyes, it can burn your eyes.”

For Pitt students in the neighborhood, there were a few anxious moments

“It did sound like a gunshot,” said Sarah Barnett, a Pitt senior. “It was kind of scary, but after I heard that it wasn’t, it was fine.”

No injuries were reported in the incident.

Meanwhile, police are checking security cameras in the area as they search for a suspect or suspects.

If those responsible are taken into custody, they could face charges of criminal mischief and risking a catastrophe.

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